Our mission is to promote proper waste disposal and low waste living through technological innovations, volunteering, and education.


We understand that technology is the future and we are harnessing this to accomplish our mission of cleaning the world. This innovative approach allows us to reach a larger number of people and develop creative and modern solutions such as our app to the achieve our mission.


We use the power of social media to gain support from people all over the world and raise awareness of our organization. Specifically, our mission and how we are attempting to achieve it. Please go follow our social media to help us reach more and more people. You can find the links to these platforms on the home page as well as the contact us page.


The primary method of improving the long term prospects of our environment is through educating the public on the need for recycling and proper waste disposal as well as how to do so. We use our app and social media to help spread this knowledge and help people in journey to a greener future.

Our Team

Eshan Face

Eshan Singhal

Founder and CEO
Head of Technology

I am a high-schooler in Arlington, Texas who has had a passion for cleaning the environment and helping those in need my entire life. Cleaner Together is simply a dream come true!


Bennett Reddig

Head of Design

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Safia Face

Safia Yunus

Head of Written Content

I am Safia Yunus, an aspiring author and young Muslim-American woman. As someone actively engaged in food sustainability, I am aware that what we sow into the earth is what we’ll reap. I love to write, and have decided to dedicate my talent to preserving the environment.

Tanish Face

Tanish Kothapalle

Head of Videography

I have been trying out many different things and now have become the video editor for Cleaner Together. Saving the environment has always been important to mw, so I am happy to be able to do this.

Cleaner Together


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