Easiest Ways to Go Carbon Neutral

The key method of reducing your carbon footprint is really being conscious about your usage and constantly thinking of ways you can reduce your energy usage and you can find many of the most useful tips below. 


In order to go reduce your carbon emissions, you can either use more clean energy or reduce your energy usage and for most people the second option is much easier to implement in their lives. All the tips we we will go through cost little to no money at all and can save tons of money and reduce your energy usage.

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Turn Off Any Appliances You Are Not Using

While this may seem pretty obvious, it is a good idea to make a conscious effort to turn off any lights that are on along with the fan and anything else that can take up electricity if there are not needed.

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Close The Curtains

Closing the curtains will help prevent heat from entering or leaving the house helping to reduce the load on your AC or thermostat. However, if you want your house temperature to be closer to the temperature outside, then you should open your curtains and even the windows to allow the temperatures to equalize.

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Unplug Your Device

Many people will leave there device plugged into the wall however this is wasting a very large amount of power because your device will continue to draw power even when it is fully charged and end up wasting energy.

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Air Dry Instead

This tip saves electricity, money, and improves the longevity of your clothes. All you have to do is hang your clothes outside on a nice day or even let them dry inside. This is very easy to implement and a must-do if you can.

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Driving Tips

The best option is to opt for public transit however if you have to travel car a few tips are to avoid idling as it still cosumes fuel, check your tire pressure, and use air conditioning less.

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