Electronics Recycling

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E-Waste Thrown Away

From phones to laptops to even your broken blender, all electronics have batteries and circuits that can and must be recycled to protect our environment and resources. But… with a staggering nearly 90% of electronic waste (aka e-waste) getting tossed to landfills, that simply isn’t happening!

Elements found in electronics
Elements toxic to nature and wildlife

See the similarities? If not, the elements found in common electronics items are nearly all also the elements that are toxic and radioactive for ecosystems! When these products are thrown in the trash, they end up in landfills where they leach into the soil and water of nearby environments, affecting plants and animals, including us! As crazy as it may seem, that seemingly harmless electric toothbrush you threw away could be killing you!

Many of these precious metals are also extremely rare and valuable, yet Americans throwing upwards of $55 billion of electronics per year! Once these are thrown away they are gone and continue to reduce our already limited supply of these materials.

But you can help get e-waste out of dumps! Start by disposing your old electronics in a Cleaner Together affiliated recycling program near you or search for a local electronics program. Who knows, the phone you recycle today could become an electric car tomorrow!

Electronics you can Recycle:

Cell Phones & Telephones

Drives (CD-ROM, Computer Disks)

Monitors (CRD, LCD, Plasma)

Power Tools

Small Appliances


Hard Drives

Office Phones & LAN Devices

Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines


Desktop Computers

Laptop Computers

Personal Digital Assistants


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