Having a Zero Waste Party

For smaller parties, try to use reusable silverware and dishes however for larger parties you can look into compostable items or recycling items if they are clean.


Parties and gatherings are a very common place where you can end up with bags and bags of trash because of the sheer amount of disposable items that are used. No matter how good you are about reusing, recycling, etc. parties, especially large ones, can catch even the most careful off guard. Here we are going to talk about some tips for reducing your waste in both smaller and larger events.


These tips will apply to very large gatherings or for people who do not want to put in too much work.

  • Steer away from Styrofoam because it cannot be recycled
  • Try to use paper plates, bowls, and cups instead of plastic because plastic must be cleaned to be recycled, but paper can composted with food on it.
  • Use compostable/edible silverware instead of plastic which cannot be recycled

Next Level

These tips are best for smaller gatherings of 10 to 15 people and should help you eliminate any and all waste.

  • Use reusable plates, silverware, and cups instead of paper and plastic because reusing is much better than composting or recycling
  • Buy food from farmer’s market or use a tote bag so you eliminate plastic bags
  • For everything else, make sure it is at least recyclable or compostable and does not need to be thrown away.