How to Make a Compost

After making some holes in the bottom of your compost container, pour about an inch of soil and repeatedly stack alternating layers of nitrogen rich, or green, material and carbon rich, or brown, materials.


While starting your very first compost may seen like a daunting and impossible task, it is surprisingly very easy with just a few rules and guidelines that you need to follow. This is because nature naturally breaks down and composts compounds and by simulating nature in our backyards, we can do the same. So just follow the simple steps below and you will have started your very own compost.

Prep Work

To start, get a large container which will be the house for your compost. Make a few holes in the bottom to allow for water drainage and if you are doing the compost indoors, also add a water collection bowl. Next, add about an inch of soil and another inch of compost. If you do not have these components, that is fine however adding them will make the composting process faster.

You're Ready to Compost

Now, make a layer of any fruit, vegetables, and kitchen scraps or for the most part an green materials which are rich in nitrogen. Be sure to not add animal or oil products. However, on top of this you also want to add a layer of brown materials such as a dried leaves, paper products, cardboard because these are carbon-rich. While there are many different opinions online, a good estimate is to add around 2 parts of carbon-rich materials for every part of nitrogen-rich material and repeat every few days. Occasionally add water to keep your compost moist and mix the layers with each other.

That's It

Congratulations! You just started your your very own compost. Now, all you need is patience because having compost that is ready for your garden could take anywhere from a couple months to a year. Please post any questions in the comments section and check out other articles to take your compost to the next level.