Take a look at our many ongoing projects along with many of our future ideas that we hope to accomplish and implement through proper funding and planning.

Current Initiatives

Park Cleanups

Cleaner Together is dedicated to keeping our environment clean and ensuring the safety of wildlife. This is why we organize periodic cleanups which you can take part in to help us in our effort to clean the Earth!

Cleaner Together App

From a strong community full of environmental activists to a constantly growing database of items with disposability information, our app has all the necessities for experienced environmentalists and novices alike!

Electronics Recycling

Currently only 20% of electronics are recycled and the primary reason for this low number is the inaccessibility of cost effective recycling. Thus, Cleaner Together is looking to partner with local supermarkets to improve availability for electronics recycling!

Universal Recycling Code

The primary recycling indicator used today is the Resin Identification Code system which only applies to plastics and gives a false sense of recyclability. We are looking to deveop a similar code that can be used to identify all materials

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