Try adding more brown, carbon-rich materials to your compost and make sure it is not too moist. If this does not work, you can add lime or citrus foods and cover any small entrances  however it may be best to let them be as they help break down nitrogen rich food.


Ewwwww! That is so disgusting. Ok, now that we have that out of the way let's talk about why you have maggots in your compost. To start off, the maggots in you compost are probably the larvae of Black Soldier Flies which are very common near warm, moist environments with food for them to eat, aka your compost. Maggots have a very recognizable appearance as they are fat and white, grey, or brown in color.As disgusting as they seem, maggots are actually good for your compost as they help break down organic matter, but below are few ways to get rid of them.

Add More Brown Matter

The most common people have maggots in there compost is because their green to brown ratio is off. Make sure you are adding around 2 parts of brown materials for every part of green to ensure your compost is well balanced and does not attract the flies in the first place. Also ensure that your green matter is buried at least 6 inches below the brown matter which will also help steer away the flies. 

It Might be Too Moist

Another very common reason might be that your compost is too moist which are the perfect conditions for maggots to thrive in. While we have an entire article dedicated to treating this very problem, the best solutions are to add more brown matter to absorb the moisture and ensure water is draining out from the bottom.

Add some Citrus

If both of the above solutions do not work and your problem is really getting out of hand, remember having a few maggots here and there is fine, then you may want to consider increasing the pH of the pile. You can do this by adding around a cup of lime for every 25 cu feet. of compost or simply add some more citrus foods. However, be careful with this because adding too much could make the pH of your compost too high.

Don't Let Flies In

Because maggots were once eggs which flies laid in your compost, the most obvious solution may just be to not let the flied in by blocking any entrances. While you should not completely close of your compost to the environment as it does need proper airflow to decompose, don’t leave large openings and you could cover smaller ones with mesh.


But the easiest solution of all is to just leave them be. Yes you heard me. As disgusting as it may be, they are, if anything, good for your compost so leaving them would only speed up the process. Otherwise, please follow these tips and let us know if you have any questions or any other solutions which worked for you in the comments section. Please check out our other articles over composting and we will see you next time.