Ranking the 3 R's (and Composting)

Reusing and reducing are the best however composting and recycling are both great options if you need to dispose of something with the trash being a last resort.


Through a combination of reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting you can do your part in reducing your carbon footprint and having a green lifestyle however you might be wondering what is the best thing you can do to save the environment and what you should be putting more of your energy towards. Well, today we are going to answer that question by ranking the 4 green things you can do.

Reduce (Grade- A)

Reducing is the best thing you can possibly do, and while this may be impossible in some cases as there are many things you can’t live without, it commonly goes hand in hand with reusing.

Reuse (Grade- B)

Almost anyone can completely reuse anything and everything in their daily lives, however just using a reusable water bottle will do wonders to save our planet for future generations. However if you are looking to go zero-waste, make small changes over the course of a few months so that you stick with it.

Compost Main Image

Compost (Grade- C)

Composting has started to become very popular as it is rather simple to make one at home if there is not a facility near you. The most commonly composted items are food scraps and yard waste which would otherwise end up in the trash. While it is debatable whether composting is better than recycling, we have an entire article discussing this topic which you should check out if you are interested.

Recycle (Grade- D)

Many people are under the impression that by recycling, they are saving the planet. And while recycling is definitely better than the trash, reducing and reusing are much better. Additionally, recycling also has many caveats and doing so incorrectly could cause items that are recyclable to go to the landfill which is why you should never ever wish cycle. This is why you should always check if something is recyclable on our app.


Trash (Grade- F)

Oh the trash. The dreaded trash. This should always be the final option if you cannot recycle, compost, reuse, or reduce, but of course if you are unsure whether something should be recycled or thrown away, throw it away.