Recycling Do's and Dont's

Make sure your recyclables are always clean and dry, are larger than a credit card, and are never bagged. Always check on our app to find out if something is recyclable as well as your recycling center.


Recycling is much, much harder and complicated than it seems on the surface. Most people think, "Wow, I just saved the environment by throwing a bottle in the recycling bin" which is to a certain extent true however many people either end up recycling items which shouldn't be recycled or recycling incorrectly to begin with. Today, we are a going to look into some of the most common mistakes everyone makes when they recycle as well as some resources to help you get better.

3 Golden Rules

These rules are the bare minimum you need to know to start recycling and while they are simple and easy to follow, they account for a large majority of the mistakes most people make.

Clean and Dry

First, rinse the item and and make sure it is completely clean and then let it air dry so that there is, at most, a teaspoon of water inside. These is to prevent contamination in the recycling process when the materials are repurposed.

Not too Small

Always keep recyclable items larger than a credit card to ensure they do not get stuck in the recycling moving machinery. Some items, such as shredded paper, can be recycled so check your recycling facility for their requirements.

Never Bag Them

If you do not do this, it may come as a surprise that many people bag recyclables before putting them in the bin. Never do this because many recycling facilities will simply throw out the entire bag. 

Check our App for Recycling Info

With a constantly growing database of items, the Cleaner Together app is the best resource to find out if something is recyclable. You can search you item manually through our easy to use, alphabetized list, search for it with our powerful and modern search bar, or best of all scan it with with our state of the art scanner which uses artificial intelligence to find out what your item is. We are even working on a feature where you can find specific recycling information based on your zip code.

You've Begun your Journey

to becoming a recycling master and a zero waste expert. Be sure to comment any questions you have and check our articles about recycling to go the next level.